Our Community arm is about how we can encourage and make opportunities for our people to positively impact and reach out to neighbours, workmates, friends and families. We believe this relational approach is the most effective way to bless and impact the lives of those in our circle of influence.  It’s a 'reach out from where you are’ principle.


Cookies in Schools and Food Bank

Generosity is an integral part of Inspire's DNA, both towards our own community and overseas. Locally, we partner with various schools by delivering home-made cookies and treats to hungry kids, plus we offer Food Bank services to anyone who needs a helping hand in the pantry - no questions asked. Our Food Bank puts out a phenomenal amount of food boxes to help families through crisis points and financial hurdles.  Most of us are aware of people going through difficult times and a food box can be such a blessing to these households – especially when it’s unexpected! 



Internationally, Inspire Church partners with World Vision Cambodia where we help support a village through child sponsorship. We also support a child-trafficking programme, and our donations help rescue young girls and boys from the horror of sex slavery. Inspire Church also has a long-standing relationship with the persecuted church in Vietnam. Every month we host a Missions Sunday where we take up a special offering, and all proceeds go straight to the needy people we support.


Treasure Hunt

Under the Community umbrella is the Evangelism 101 course and Treasure Hunt, both of which take place monthly and are specifically geared to reaching the local community through prayer and the miraculous, on the street.  It is a great faith building opportunity for those that take part.